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Your personal shopping cart
Whenever you find an item you would like to purchase change the quantity of the item and click on the "show my shopping cart" button. The selected item will automatically be added to your personal shopping cart and immediately you will see the contents of the cart. If you want to add more items to the cart, click the "back" button and surf through our product pages to find other products. After you finished shopping select the "forward" button to insert your personal data and complete your order by pressing the "submit order" button..

Of course you can change the quantity at any time or delete items from the cart before you submit your order by changing the quantity to 0.

For updating your shopping cart, please press the "reload" button of your browser.

How to order

  • Order online:
    Fill out the forms and press the buttons, to submit your order. The order will automatically be sent to our e-mail account.
  • Order by e-mail:
    Send an e-mail to claudia@pharaoh.de. Be sure to include your name, address, credit card information and a list of selected items.
  • Order by Fax:
    Print out the mail or fax-order form and send a fax to egyptian art at +49-6135-950617
  • Order by mail:
    Print out the mail or fax-order form and send a letter to:

Aladin's Art&Shisha Shop
c/o Claudia Weyl
Walterpfad 6
55294 Bodenheim

After validation of your order data we immediately ship the products you ordered. 

For administrative reasons we would like to ask you to submit only orders with at least $20 order value.

How to pay for your order
mastcard.gif (18124 Byte), visacard.gif (1526 Byte) and diners.gif (2088 Byte) are accepted. You can either include your creditcard information in the online form which will be sent to us by e-mail or send us the information on a seperate e-mail or fax.

Shipping Charges
Shipping and packaging charges will be added to your bill.

For worldwide shipment by default we choose Economy delivery. If you wish quicker delivery please inform us by e-mail. Before Christmas we automatically switch to Premium delivery.

For all orders >2kg total cost of shipping is calculated according to the table below:

+ price/kg * weight
+ packaging
= Total cost of shipping

First find out the correct zone (country you live in). If the country does not appear in the table below, please contact us and we will add the country to the table:

Country Zone
Australia 7
Austia 1
Belgique 1
Brazil 7
Canada 5
China 6
Denmark 1
Finland 3
France 2
Greece 3
Great-Britain 2
Country Zone
Hungary 4
Ireland 3
Israel 5
Italy 3
Japan 6
Luxembourg 1
Mauritius 7
Mexico 5
Newzealand 7
Netherlands 1
Norway 4
Country Zone
Norway 4
Poland 3
Portugal 3
Rumania 4
Sweden 3
Switzerland 2
Spain 3
South Africa 7
Turkey 4
On the order pages for each item you find the approximate weight. So you can calculate the total cost of shipping with the 2 tables below. Without notice we automatically choose Economy to reduce shipping cost.
Zone Premium
(1 week delivery)
(2 weeks delivery)
(4 weeks delivery)
  price/piece price/kg price/piece price/kg price/piece price/kg
1-3 $ 15 $ 1,5 $ 10 $ 1 - -
4 $ 18 $ 2,5 $ 17 $ 1,5 - -
5 $ 18 $ 5,5 $ 18 $ 2 $ 18 $ 1,5
6 $ 18 $ 7,5 $ 18 $ 3,5 $ 18 $ 2
7 $ 18 $ 7,5 $ 18 $ 3,5 $ 18 $ 2,2
Packaging XS (22,5x14,5x3,5cm) $ 0,8
  S (25x17,5x10cm) $ 1
  M (35x25x12cm) $ 1,3
  L (40x25x15cm) $ 1,5
  XL (50x30x20cm) $ 1,8
  F (36x13,5x12cm) $ 1,5

* The prices shown are US-$ prices which depend on the exchange rate (DM/$) and therefore are subject to change.

Example 1:
USA (Zone 5), delivery of 1,5 kg Premium:

  price/piece $18
+ price/kg * weight 2(kg)x $5,5
+ packaging e.g. large $1,5
= Total cost of shipping $30,5

Example 2:
USA (Zone 5), delivery of 1,5 kg Economy:

  price/piece $15
+ price/kg * weight 2(kg)x $2
+ packaging e.g. large $1,5
= Total cost of shipping $20,5
Right to Return
Most of our products are originally crafted in Egypt by Egyptian artists. The items we offer are originally imported from Egypt to Germany.

If you have any complaints or do not like the products you can return them to us within two weeks after receival and will receive your money back. In this case you will only be charged for shipping fees.

Taxes and Customs
Taxes and Customs are not included in the $ prices shown. It is in the responsibility of the customer to pay taxes and customs.

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Dann 'Accept all cookies' einstellen und mit 'ok' abspeichern.

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Internet Options
'Custom Level' (unten) auswählen
nach unten scrollen
Unter 'Cookies' jeweils 'enable' einstellen

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