ägyptisches kunsthandwerk was founded in 1986 by Aladin Kotb who comes from Egypt. He travels to Egypt to select the best quality items from the best Egyptian artists. Some of these artists do their crafts exclusively on Aladin's request.

ägyptisches kunsthandwerk originally was a local business. Aladin sold the goods he imported mainly on German Christmas Markets and several other craft markets throughout the year.

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We received very good feedback from our customers and friends about the selection and quality of our goods. The idea to distribute our products also on an internet shop was implemented 1999 by WIM - Weyl Internet Marketing, Claudia Weyl.

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Claudia Weyl

Geschäftsführerin WIM - Weyl Internet Marketing

Company Address:

Aladin's Art&Shisha Shop
Claudia Weyl
Walterpfad 6
55294 Bodenheim

e-mail:                                       claudia.weyl@pharaoh.de
Tel./Answering machine:             +49 - 6135-950616
Fax:                                           +49 - 6135-950617

We are official agent of Nakhla Tobacco.
Distributors can reach us under the following address:

Aladin's Schischa-Shop

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