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  • Egyptian sculptures, statuettes and masks made out of high quality materials (stone, black basalt stone, stone with gold leaf, plaster or metal) in different colors.

Ägyptische Statuen

  • Scarabs in different sizes.


  • Kanopes made of soap stone.


  • Egyptian pyramids made of metal or stone.

Ägyptische Pyramiden

  • Egyptian obelisks made ou metal.

Ägyptische Obeliske

  • Egyptian jewellery.

Ägyptischer Schmuck

  • Egyptian waterpipes (shisha, nargila) and tobacco.

Ägyptische Wasserpfeifen

  • Egyptian accessories like Glass Perfume Bottles ('Flacons'), mother-of-pearl boxes, magnets etc.

Ägyptische FlaconsPerlmuttkästchen

  • Papyrus painted by the best Egyptian artists

Ägyptischer Papyrus

Aladin's Egyptian Art Shop

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