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egyptian statues




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If you choose one of the buttons on the left hand side, you will find a complete set of the products we sell including:
  • Egyptian Sculptures, Statuettes and Masks made out of high quality materials (stone, stone with gold leaf, plaster or metal) in different colors.

egypian statues

  • Statuettes made of black stone (basalt)

egyptian basalt statues

  • Scarabs in different sizes

egyptian scarabs

  • Kanopes made of soap stone


  • Pyramids and obelisks made of metal or stone

egyptian pyramids

  • Egyptian silver jewellery

egyptian jewellery

  • Egyptian Waterpipes ('Schischa')

egyptian waterpipes

  • Egyptian accessories like Glass Perfume Bottles ('Flacons'), mother-of-pearl boxes, magnets etc.

egyptian flaconsmother-of-pearl box

  • Papyrus painted by the best Egyptian artists

egyptian papyrus

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Tut's Sarkophag

With some of the products we provide a description and additional useful information that helps you learn about the history of the product and Egyptian art.

Most of these products are originally crafted in Egypt and imported to Germany from where we ship them directly to you.

We are convinced that we offer the widest set of high quality products of the whole internet and are eager to convince you by sending you the products of your choice.

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