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Click on the small pictures of your choice to get larger pictures and detailed descriptions and prices of all the sculptures and statuettes above.

Currently our selection includes egyptian statues of Isis, Anubis, Horus, Bastet, Tutankhamon and several other godesses and pharaohs.

Statues of Isis:
  Statuette of Isis with Wings

Statuette of Isis with wings

Statuettes of Isis statuette of Isis


Statues of Anubis:

Statuette of Anubis Statuette of Anubis Statuette of Anubis statuette of Anubis
Anubis Anubis    

Statues of Horus:

  Horus Horus Horus

Statues of Bastet:

Bastet Bastet statuette of Bastet  

Statues of Tutankhamon:

    mask of tutankhamon mask of tutankhamon
tut's coffin      

Statues of Godesses and Pharaohs:

Statuettes of Uschebti   hippo Sekhmet
Nefertiri Echnaton and RamsesII snake of Kraeus Ramses II
Paketaton Scheich il-Balad Kanopenträgerin Statuette of Selket

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